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Multiple Technologies Air Purification System
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  • Oxygen output:

    0.12 mg/m3
  • Negative Ion Output

    1,000,000 /cm3

  • Applicable Area

    40 sq. meters per 7 mins

  • Utilizing high performance "HEPA" filter
  • Multi-functions 3 layers filter materials
  • UV sanitizing, remove dust, odor and smoke
  • Excellent dust collection rate up to 99.97%
  • Effectively filter super fine particles up to 0.3µm in size
  • Large air flow volume rapidity circulate purified air indoor
  • Thick filter provide up to 2 years service life
  • Wholly electronic circuit, low noise design

An Air Purification Technology for Every Air Pollutant - Since certain technologies are much better than others at removing certain

How it works


Technology for Every Pollutant
Technology for Every Pollutant -How the Multi-Tech Removes Common Household Pollutants
Dust/Dust Mites. Hepa air filters are highly effective at capturing.  Ionization also helps to remove from air. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.
Bacteria. Captured very effectively by Hepa air filters. Neutralized by negative ions & ozone sanitization.
Pollen/Allergens. Hepa air filter are commonly recommended filter for allergens. Negative ions effective at removing allergens from air.
Mold/Fungi. Hepa air filter highly effective at capturing spores, especially with help of negative ions. UV light deadly against toxins from mold. Ozone sanitization effective against mildew smell.
Cigarette Smoke. Carbon air filter absorbs smoke particles & chemicals, & reduces odors. Ionizer also removes smoke particles from air. Ozone & UV sanitization highly effective against strong smoke odors.
Chemicals. Carbon air filter effective at absorbing chemicals and gases. Ionizer & ozone sanitizer also help to neutralize.
Germs/Viruses. UV light deadly against micro-organisms such as germs/viruses. Negative ions also help to neutralize.
Clinical Test Results
Reduced Deadly "Sewer Gas" by 93%Clinical Test Results -

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a strong gas created by stagnant sewage, is one of the very worst, and most difficult-to-remove pollutants and odors known to man. An air purifier's ability to remove H2S is a good indication of its ability to remove strong odors and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), such as chemicals from building materials, carpeting & furniture, and toxic mold. In clinical tests, the Multi-Tech air purifier reduced airborne levels of H2S by 93%. In the same test, the Ionic Breeze Quadra reduced the H2S by just 13%.

99.5% Removal Rate of Particles in Chamber -

In a recent lab test, the Multi-Tech removed 99.5% of airborne particulate in a 128 cubic foot chamber (including 99% of the smallest range - 0.3 microns and smaller), designed to replicate the conditions in a typical room. This is more impressive than most removal rate percentages you see, since it measures the particles throughout an entire chamber outside the air purifier, and not just at the point where the air enters the air purifier, which is the common way of testing particle reduction.

Air Purification Technologies:
Air Ionizer
  • Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as allergens (including mold and dust mites), fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes and other ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture.

  • Increases the effectiveness of the Hepa and activated carbon filter system by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture

  • Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank of the XJ-3000C that would normally reproduce in the typical filter.

  • Has the ability to remove airborne particles away from the air purifier, in areas of the room where the filter has little effect. This is due to the fact that ions can circulate throughout a room. Negative ion circulation is enhanced as a result of the fan.

Hepa Air Filter

  • Removes 99.97% of particles(.3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, preventing them from becoming into the air again. Largely considered the most effective type of air filter.

  • Captures a high volume of floating dust and other particles, including many of the ionized particles that would otherwise just settle to the ground if a typical ionizer were used.

Germicidal UV Light
  • UV (ultraviolet) light is scientifically proven to destroy a large variety of microbial contaminates, such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (including mold).

  • Ultraviolet light has been used for years by the medical field (including hospitals) to sanitize rooms and equipment, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

  • Recommended by Centers of Disease Control for its ability to destroy biological pollutants.

Activated Carbon Air Filter

  • Specializes in capturing and neutralizing chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke, which the Hepa filter cannot capture.

Ozone Option

  • Powerful odor eliminator, which is a weakness of most other air purification methods.

  • Powerful disinfectant at close range, making it an effective filter sanitizer. As a result, ozone will prevent microbes trapped in the filter from reproducing.

  • In the Surround Air XJ-3000C, the ozone can be completely disabled if it is not needed or wanted, while still allowing the ionizer and filters to run at full power.

Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter

  • Preserves the life of other filters. The pre-filter captures the larger particles, so more pores can remain available in the activated carbon and HEPA air filters for the harder-to-remove pollutants.

  • Destroys bacteria to help prevent them from reproducing and recirculating into the air.

XJ-3000 Model
AC230V/50Hz Voltage
40 W Power Consumption
0.12mg/m3 Oxygen Output
40 m2 / 7 minutes Applicable Area
380x197x330 (mm) Dimensions
4.5Kg Weight
Weak35(dB)med.50(dB)Strong56(dB) Sound Level (dB)
1x1,000,000 /cm3 Negative Ion Output

How to use XJ-3000C


Control Panel

  • Ion/Power Button
    This button turns the XJ-3000C HEPA & ionic air purifier "ON". The air ionizer (i.e. negative ion generator) is automatically engaged when the unit is in operation.
  • Sanitizer/Ozone Button
    This button allows you to select the Off, Low, Medium, or High setting. Just hit the button until the LED light next to the desired setting is lit. When there are no LED lights lit next to the Sanitizer button, then the XJ-3000C is "Off". When the off setting is chosen, the ozone vacuum tube produces no ozone, releasing virtually no ozone into the air at all. On low, the XJ-3000C runs in intervals of 23 seconds "On", and 5 minutes and 37 seconds "Off". On medium, the ozone generator runs in intervals of 2 minutes "On", and 4 minutes "Off". On the high setting, it runs continuously, which is beneficial in situations where strong odors or heavy pollution are present.
  • Fan Speed/Air Flow
    There are three fan speed options: low, medium, and high.
  • Timer
    The timer can be set to 1, 2, or 4 hours. If none of these timer settings are selected, the XJ-3000C ionic air purifier will run continuously, which is generally best. If you are running the ozone on a high setting in a small area while you are gone, then you may want to use the timer to prevent the ozone level from reaching excessively high levels.
  • Placement
    Since the XJ-3000C HEPA & ionic air purifier uses a fan, and blows air strongly out the top of the unit, it is not necessary to place the unit at a high elevation. It can be placed on the floor, although the ideal elevation is 2-4 feet high. The room air filter will effectively draw air through the unit, even if placed on the floor.

    Replacing the Filter

    Replacing the Filter Cartridge

    The only maintenance required for the XJ-3000C ionic air filter is to change the HEPA/activated carbon air filter cartridge once every one to two years. Read below to learn how quick and easy it is to replace the filter of the XJ-3000C:

    Step # 1

    Turn the unit "off" and open the front cover. If the white (Hepa) side of the filter cartridge is dark gray in color, proceed to the next step. If the blue side of the filter (pre-filter) is dirty, it can be carefully cleaned with hand-held vacuum or other method of removing dirt from its fibers, in order to prolong the life of the filter cartridge.


    Step # 2

    Remove the wrapping from the new room air filter cartridge, then remove the old filter and throw it away. Next, place the new filter in its proper position. Put the front cover back on and begin operating again.


    Applicable Area

    Very large bedroom, living room, hotel, restaurant, hospital ward, club


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